My Pledge/Oath我的誓言

What’s your story? You can’t speak! You can’t understand! You feel bad!; You feel hopeless! That’s crazy! Cheer up!; It’s not the end of the world. Speaking English is a piece of cake.; Don’t look back.

Enjoy losing face. Just forget about your face.; The more mistakes you make, the more progress you will make. Don’t give up; Just try your best. Relax! Don’t panic! Take it easy!; Be patient and enjoy yourself. Learning English should be fun.;

Speaking good English is no big deal. It’s worth your time and effort.; It’s an easy job. Do something about it. You have no choice. No more excuses!; Get moving.Let’s get started! Let’s talk in English! You’d better do it now.;

I have every confidence in you. I want to be proud of you; It’s my pleasure to help you anytime. You can count on me! Don’t worry about it.; I’m Serious. I’ll try my best to help you. We will make it together.

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