1 Absolutely not.;(绝对不是。)

2 Are you coming with me?;(你跟我一起去吗?)

3 Are you sure?;(你能肯定吗?)

4 As soon as possible.;(尽快。)

A: When does this work need to be finished?;(这工作需要什么 时候完成?)

B: As soon as possible.;(尽快。)

5 Believe me.;(相信我。)

6 Buy it!;(买下来!)

7 Call me tomorrow.;(明天打电话给我。)

8 Can you speak slowly?;(请您说得慢些好吗。)

9 Come with me.;(跟我来?)

10 Congratulations!;(恭喜恭喜。)

11 Do it right?;(把它做对。)

12 Do you mean it?;(你是当真的吗?)

13 Do you see him often?;(你经常见到他吗?)

14 Do you see it? Do you understand?;(你明白了吗?)

15 Do you want it?;(你要吗?)

16 Do you want something?;(你想要些什么?)

17 Don’t do it.;(不要做。)

18 Don’t exaggerate.;(不要夸张。)

19 Don’t tell me that.;(不要告诉我。)

A: We have to attend a boring meeting tomorrow.;(明天我们要参加一个 枯燥的会议。)

B: Don’t tell me that. I wanted to relax and go shopping.;(不要告诉我,我想轻松 一下,上街去购物。)

20 Give me a hand.;(帮我一下。)

21 Go right ahead.;(一直往前走。)

22 Have a good trip.;(祝旅途愉快。)

23 Have a nice day.;(祝你一天过得愉快。)

24 Have you finished?;(你做完了吗?)

25 He doesn’t have time.;(他没空。)

26 He is on his way.;(他现在已经在路上了。)

27 How are you doing?;(你好吗?)

28 How long are you staying?;(你要呆多久?)

29 I am crazy about her.;(我对她着迷了。)

30 I am wasting my time.;(我在浪费时间。)

31 I can do it.;(我能做的。)

32 I can’t believe it.;(我简直不能相信。)

A: Stone was thrown in jail last night!;(石头昨晚进了监狱。)

B: I can’t believe it! He’s such a great guy. This news will kill his mother!;(我简直不敢相信!他是个 多么了不起的人!这消 息会让他妈发疯的。)

33 I can’t wait.;(我不能再等了。)

34 I don’t have time.;(我没有时间。)

35 I don’t know anybody.;(我一个人都不认识。)

36 I don’t like it.;(我不喜欢。)

37 I don’t think so.;(我认为不是。)

38 I feel much better.;(我感觉好多了。)

39 I found it.;(我找到了。)

40 I hope so.;(我希望如此。)

41 I knew it.;(我早知道了。)

42 I noticed that.;(我注意到了。)

43 I see.;(我明白了。)

44 I speak English well.;(我英语说得很好。)

45 I think so.;(我认为是这样的。)

46 I want to speak with him.;(我想跟他说话。)

47 I won.;(我赢了。)

48 I would like a cup of coffee, please.;(请给我一杯咖啡。)

49 I’m hungry.;(我饿死了。)

50 I’m leaving.;(我要走了。)

51 I’m sorry.;(对不起。)

52 I’m used to it.;(我已经习惯了。)

53 I’ll miss you.;(我会想念你的。)

A: I’m leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow.;(我明天去香港。)

B: I’ll miss you.;(我会想你的。)

54 I’ll try.;(我试试看。)

55 I’m bored.;(我很无聊。)

56 I’m busy.;(我很忙。)

57 I’m having fun.;(我玩得很开心。)

58 I’m ready.;(我准备好了。)

59 I’ve got it.;(我明白了。)

60 I’ve had it.;(我受够了。)

61 It’s incredible!;(真是难以置信!)

62 Is it far?;(很远吗?)

63 It doesn’t matter.;(没关系。)

64 It smells good.;(闻起来很香。)

65 It’s about time.;(是时候了。)

66 It’s all right.;(没关系。)

67 It’s easy.;(很容易。)

68 It’s good.;(很好。)

69 It’s near here.;(离这里很近。)

70 It’s nothing.;(没什么。)

71 It’s time to go.;(该走了。)

72 It’s different.;(那是不同的。)

73 It’s funny.;(很滑稽。)

74 It’s impossible.;(那是不可能的。)

75 It’s not bad.;(还行。)

A: What do you think about the used car I just bought?;(你觉得我刚买的那部旧 车如何?)

B: It’s not bad.;(还行。)

76 It’s not difficult.;(不难。)

77 It’s not worth it.;(不值得。)

78 It’s obvious.;(很明显的。)

79 It’s the same thing.;(还是一样的。)

80 It’s your turn.;(轮到你了。)

81 Let me know.;(告诉我。)

82 Let me see.;(让我想一想。)

83 Me too.;(我也一样。)

84 Not yet!;(还没有!)

85 Relax!;(放松!)

86 See you tomorrow.;(明天见。)

87 She is my best friend.;(她是我最好的朋友。)

88 She is so smart.;她真聪明。)

89 Show me.;(指给我看。)

90 Tell me.;(告诉我。)

91 Thank you very much.;(多谢。)

92 That happens.;(这样的事情经常发生。)

A: I can’t believe that I called my girlfriend/wife/father the wrong name.;(我不敢相信我竟然叫错 了女朋友/妻子/ 父亲的名字。)

B: That happens.;(这种事情经常发生。)

93 That’s enough.;(够了。)

94 That’s interesting.;(很有趣。)

95 That’s right.;(对了。)

96 That’s true.;(这是真的。)

97 There are too many people here.;(这里人太多。)

98 They like each other.;(他们互相倾慕。)

99 Think about it.;(考虑一下。)

100 Too bad!;(太糟糕啦!)

101 Wait for me.;(等等我)

102 What did he say?;(他说什么?)

103 What do you think?;(你认为怎样?)

104 What is he talking about?;(他在说些什么?)

105 What terrible weather!;(多坏的天气!)

106 What’s going on/ What’s happening/ What’s the problem?;(怎么样啦?)

107 What’s the date today?;(今天几号?)

108 Where are you going?;(你去哪里?)

109 Where is he?;(他在哪里?)

110 You are impatient.;(你太性急了。)

A: I don’t think my daughter will ever learn to speak English!;(我觉得我女儿不可能学 会说英语了!)

B: I think you’re too impatient. She’s only three years old!;你太性急了。她才三岁!

111 You look tired.;(你看上去很累。)

112 You surprise me.;(你让我大吃一惊。)

113 You’re crazy.;(你疯了。)

114 You’re welcome.;(别客气)

115 You’re always right.;(你总是对的。)

116 You’re in a bad mood.;(你心情不好。)

117 You’re lying.;(你在撒谎。)

118 You’re wrong.;(你错了。)

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