1 If you exaggerate, you will sound fantastically American!;(如果将发音夸大一些, 你听起来会美国味十足!)

2 A: My exam was a disaster.;我的考试简直是一 塌糊涂。

B: You didn’t pass? That’s too bad. You’ll have another chance.;(你没有通过吗?太遗 憾了。你会有另外 一个机会的。)

A: No. That was my last chance.;(不,那是我最后一 次机会。)

3 That’s a fact.;(那是事实。)

4 Saturday I am planning to go dancing.;(星期六我计划去跳舞。)

5 I am happy/glad to have you back from Japan.;(我很高兴你从日本回 来。)

6 That man/actor had a bad accent and bad grammar.;(那个男人/演员口音很 糟糕,且语法错误 很多。)

7 There was a bad traffic accident.;发生了一起糟糕的交通 事故

That hacker ran into the back of my van and killed my cat.;出租车撞到了我面包车 的后背,撞死了我的猫。

Too bad it wasn’t my wife because I loved my cat.;太遗憾了,死的不是 我太太,因为我爱我 的猫。

8 Don’t laugh behind other people’s back.;(不要在背后取笑别人。)

9 Come back after you finish your math exam.;(完成数学测验之后 回来。)

10 My grandfather was a bad man, and he treated my grandmother very badly.;(我的祖父是个坏人, 他对祖母非常不好。)

11 I’m so glad that nothing bad has happened.;(我很高兴没发生什么 糟糕的事情。)

12 As a matter of fact, I think he is an asshole『讨厌的人; 肛门;屁眼儿』.;(事实上,我认为他是 个混蛋。)

13 Look at that fat ass on that fat man.;(看看那个胖子的屁股多 大。)

14 You’re not such a had apple/bad egg after all.;(你毕竟还不是太坏。)

15 There’s always a bad apple in every class.;(每个班都有几粒老鼠 屎。)

16 Good employees get a pat on the back, while good secretaries get a pat on the ass.;(员工表现得好老板会 拍拍他的背,而秘书做 得好老板则会拍拍 她的屁股。)

17 She deserves a pat on the back.;(她应该得到表扬。)

18 Pats on the back weren’t enough, he wanted fast cash.;(只有表扬是不够的, 他要的是看得见、摸 得着的现金。)

19 These back-to-back appointments are giving me a heart attack/killing me/;

affecting my health.;(这一连串的约会使得 我疲于奔命。)

20 Back-to-back defeats made him sad.;(连续的失败使他很 伤心。)

21 Stop picking on me and get off my back. Man! I’ve had it.;(别再对我进行挑剔, 别再找我麻烦了。 我受够了!)

22 Get off my back, will ya? I’ll do it when I have time.;(别罗嗦了,好不好? 我有时间就去做。)

23 Get your crap off my bed!;(把你那些乱七八糟的东 西从我床上搬走。)

24 Laughter has no foreign accent.;(笑声没有外国口音。)

25 Such men are the backbone『骨干;支柱; 基础』of the country.;(这样的人是国家的栋 梁。)

26 Selfishness and unhappiness often go hand in hand.;自私的人通常无幸福可 言。

27 He who laughs last laughs best.;谁笑到最后,谁就笑 得最好。

28 The voters had a backlash against rising gas taxes.;投标人强烈反对增加汽 油税。

29 A bad black man tried to crash the rally, but my dad called the cops.;(一个黑人坏蛋企图要混 进我们的聚会,我父亲 打电话叫来了警察。)

30 The manager was hired at a handsome salary.;(这个经理被高薪聘用。)

31 We must take action before it is too late.;(我们必须及早采取行 动。)

32 Actions are more important than words.;(行动胜似语言。)

33 That man is always handing out『给予』 unwanted advice.;(那个人总是给别人没 有用的建议。)

34 We handed in our exams at the last minute of the class.;(在下课的最后时刻, 我们交了考试卷。)

35 The two brothers worked hand in hand.;(两兄弟携手合作。)

36 The family went to the graduation at Stanford.;(全家人去斯坦福大学参 加了毕业典礼。)

37 I ran as fast as I could.;(我跑得不能再快了。)

38 We had to act fast.;(我们不得不尽快行动。)

39 It happened in the past.;(它发生在过去。)

40 Don’t miss your last chance.;(不要错过最后的机会。)

41 It is absolutely impossible to cure AIDS.;(要治愈艾滋病是绝对不 可能的。)

42 We will have a fat chance to win the game on Saturday.;(我们几乎没有可能赢得 星期六的比赛。)

43 Casual dress is becoming more and more fashionable.;休闲服装变得越来越流 行了。

44 The match won’t catch.;(这火柴擦不着。)

45 The dog went after a rabbit but didn’t catch it.;狗追兔子,但没有逮住 兔子。

46 The mad dog ran past Dan.;(那疯狗从丹身边跑过。)

47 Alice dashed to the back of the shack 『简陋木屋』to stash『 藏匿;存放』the bag.;(艾丽斯跑到小木屋后面 把包藏起来。)

48 Stan took a rabbit from his magic hat.;(斯坦从他的魔术帽里把 兔子拿出来。)

49 A: Damn it.;(混蛋)

B: Watch your mouth!;(嘴巴放干净一点。)

A: I learned that bad habit from you. You should have watched your mouth first.;(这个坏习惯是你传给 我的。你要先注意 自己。)

nasty; dirty; bad; unpleasant; disgusting; unkind; offensive;;

bad to deal with or experience.;

1 a nasty mind.;(卑鄙肮脏的思想)

2 nasty language.;(污秽不堪的语言)

3 live a cheap and nasty life.;(过低贱的生活)

5 It’s a tacky, nasty little movie.;(这是一部庸俗下流不值 一看的电影。)

6 a nasty smell;(难闻的气味)

7 a nasty taste;(难吃的味道)

8 cold, wet, nasty weather(寒冷多雨的 恶劣天气);

9 a nasty habit;(恶心)

10 a nasty temper;(臭脾气)

11 a nasty attack of cough;(一阵剧烈的咳嗽)

12 a nasty accident;(严重的事故)

13 a nasty look in his eyes;(眼露凶光)

14 a nasty room;(脏乱的房间)

15 a nasty book;(下流书)

16 say nasty things about sb.;(恶语中伤某人)

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