To Number 24,and to our imperfect life

What were you doing in 1996? Working for a living ,studying for exams or still on the way into this world?Had you figured out what kind of life you wanted to have in future ?Had you found the place you wanted to be someday?

Life was always a competition ,and you were not seen as the best at the beginning.But there was always a place that was right for you. Perhaps you were dreaming of becoming somedody else ,to follow his extraodinary success.But life was like a basketball game,there were always some players faster and stonger than you,you worked hard to prove yourself,with sweat and blood and tears. You finally reached the peak of success and got what you wanted.

You caught peole’s attention and won their affection. You tried to chase perfection ,but life is never perfect ,It is like weather often changing without warnings.

People told you that you could do much better,but you just didn’t know how. Life failed you and knocked you down over and over again.Friendships were broken . People said you disappointed them,you found that you were not irreplaceable.

You became lost and made terrible mistakes in the dark days,but you realized what the most valuable thing in your life is.You needed to pick yourself up from failure and depression and have the courage to face life.

As time went by,you realized that life was imperfect ,you could never become somebody but you had your own highlights in life.If life is a game,then no matter how great it is ,the final whistle will always blow.

when the moment comes,we will finally understand that life can’t be perfect ,but it won’t stop us loving and feel every minute of it .

Thank you,Number 24. Thanks  to our imperfect life .



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