Get Out of Here

An elderly gentleman was hiring a house boy to take care of household(家庭) chores(家常杂务). During the interview, the employer asked,“What work can you do? ”
“Everything. If you happen to break your leg, I can help you to bed. When you seriously sick, I can go to the drug store and buy medicines for you. In case you die, I can buy a coffin( 棺材)for you. I know how to dig a hole in the cemetery(墓地) and bury you, too. ”The fellow rattled on(喋喋不休). On hearing this, the old man blew his top(大发雷霆),“Get out of here! I have never seen such an untactful (不会说话的)person. I don’t want you to work for me. ”
“Working for you?”The would‐be employee snapped back(反驳说),“Fat chance(没门=NO WAY)! Look, you haven’t even got a back door. Suppose your front door was on fire, how could I escape to save my life? ”
Break a  leg =good luck
blow one’s top 大发雷霆



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