Did That Take You an Hour?

A clerk who worked very hard and was usually very punctual ( 准时的)arrived at his office very late one morning. He had bruises(瘀伤) on his face, a scratch(划破) on one of his lips, sticking‐plaster(膏药贴) on his left wrist(左手腕) and thumb(大拇指), and a bandage(绷带) on his right shoulder. He had also hurt his knee, ankles(脚踝) and some of his toes(脚趾).
The manager of the office was not a patient man, and he had been waiting for the clerk, because he had some work to give him. When he saw him come in at last, he said angrily,“You’re an hour late, Tom Kins!”
“I know, sir.”answered the clerk politely,“I’m very sorry. My flat(公寓) is in the eighth floor, and just before I left home this morning, while I was closing one of the windows, I slipped and fell out.”
“Well,”the manager answered coldly,“did that take you an hour?”

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