We Talked About Airports

Earlier this week we talked about airports. Can you remember the process of buying your ticket to getting on your plane? Let’s review that.

Step 1, you buy your ticket usually online,and you can easily download your flight ticket onto your phone.

Step 2, after packing, make sure you get the airport at least 2 hours early for a domestic flight and about three hours early for an international flight ,a domestic flight again is a flight within your country.

Next, if you go to check in, you will get your boarding pass printed if you haven’t already gotten it downloaded to your phone then they’ll weigh your bag to make sure it’s below the wight limit usually around 50 pounds,they’ll check your bag and then you can move on to security,security is where they check your carry-on bag and they make sure you don’t have any weapons on you ,you’ll pass through an x-ray machine and a metal detector.

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