Four Topics We Covered

Hey guys,happy weekend to you. Here’s a short summary of the four topics we covered this week.

First of all, we talked about universities difference between universities in the states and in China,one of the biggest differences is that majority of American Universtiy students have a part-time job through out their college career.  Secondly we talked about finding a job,finding your first job out of college and you know whilst American students are in college, they’re typically doing a research ,gaining experience and internships in their career of choice .And we also talked about resumes, cover letters and CVS.Thirdly we talked about finding your life parter, how does that work in China versus the u.s. Well ,there’s a lot in common,usually people just meet in person accidentally,but dating apps become more common too.

Lastly we talked about babies. It’s pretty much the same……

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