Pay For The Bill

Hey guys so what’s the last time that you went out to eat at a restaurant with other some friends or your significant other? Did you take care of the bill or did the people that you were with pay for the meal.

Handling the bill after a meal there is something that causes a lot of people some anxiety. You know people in both China and the United States typically fight over the bill at the end. They say you know I’ve got it ,don’t worry about it. I’m paying for dinner today No I have got it no actually I’ve got it.

But deep down,do they really want to pay for the bill? You know sometimes you might genuinely care about the person, and you might genuinely want to pay for the bill, but I feel like more often than not .People just say that to you know keep face,to keep reputation nice and intact.But let me know in the comments, what do you think about paying for the bill? I personally think everyone should just split it by what they got.

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