Chewing Gum

Today I want to talk to you about chewing gum. I’m doing some mint chewing gum right now. As for me I’m a huge fan of mint because I always feel like I need  to be chewing on something,sometimes I’ll just snack on some nuts  but it’s more convenient to just chew on some gum.

It helps calm me down in stressful situations.It can also help with memorization in exams.If you chew the same flavor of gum while you’re studying and then have same type of gum later on when you’re taking your exam to help recall the imformation to remind because the flavor and chewing action brings you back to the time that you are studying.So there have been a lot of tests have helped to prove that chewing gum can actually help you do better on exams.

So what do you think about chewing gum ?Are you a fan? Do you think it’s a annoying?Let me know in the comments.

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