Physical Health

Hey guys, today we talked about physical health differences between seeing a docator in the united states and china. And the biggest difference the biggest cultural difference is seeing the dentist.Americans really like to have their teeth cleaned.So americans typically see a dentist about twice a year just for a check up just for a clean up,they clean their teeth for  special metal tools.

And after we leave,they give us a little gift bag with floss,a new toothbrush in some new toothpaste.If you’re a kid though typically give you a little toy,and a sticker as well. We also like to give out braces. So if you go into a middle school or  high school in the united states,you probably see about the third of the kids wearing braces or a metal contraption that helps straighten out  their teeth while they’re growing.But anyway that’s the biggest cultural difference I want to share with you.

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