Pull Someone’s Leg

Welcome to English in a minute.In conversation,it is very common to pull someone’s leg.I’m not joking.To pull someone’s leg.I forgot to water Ashiey’s plant and it died.She comes back tomorrow.What should I do? Okay.Go to the plant store and buy Plant-Don’t-Die.Mix it with Green Bean Cola and pour it on the plant.It will come back to life in no time.Right!Wait a minute.You’re pulling my leg.There’s no such thing as Green Bean Cola.To pull someone’s leg means to joke with someone.Pulling someone’s leg is lighthearted–and not mean-spirted.Jonathan pulled anna’s leg when he said Green Bean Cola and a product called Plant-Don’t-Die would save my dead plant.Sadly,Anna did not fully understand his joke.And that’s English in a minute.

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