Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Welcome to English in a minute.Now what would you think if you heard this? Actions speak louder than words.If you are just beginning to learn English,this might not make sense.Let’s listen and see if we can find out what this phrase means.You keep saying that you’ll help me.I am going to help you.Really,I am.You just have to wait a little while.Well,we’ll just wait and see.Actions speak louder than words.It sounds like she needs to see action instead of words.And that’s exactly what this phrase means.Actions speak louder than words means what you do is more important than what you say.And if you say you are going to do something,then you need to do it.This is a casual phrase.But it does have a strong meaning,especially in American business,where results are important.And that’s English in a minute.

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